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2016 Review and A Brand New Readers Survey

The survey is closed, but check out these top 10 posts from 2016!

Why I Write

I created and invest into this blog for one main reason.

I want to see Christians grow in their faith and walk increasingly closer with the Lord.

Last survey, someone suggested the topic of their identity in Christ and how that relates to self-esteem. I’m so honored that someone challenged me to dig deep into that.

And that’s the kind of input I’m asking you for. Let me know how I can serve you better.

best of 2016

I am excited to let you know that I’m working on 2 devotional projects to be released in 2017: a free guide on unlocking your greatest year ever with 48 Powerful Bible Verses and the other will be a 31 day Bible journal guide in Proverbs!

The 10 Most Read Articles in 2016

These are the articles that were read the most and shared most frequently on social media.

      1. 5 Steps to Staying Focused on God
      2. Here are Your Free Bible Reading Plans
      3. God Has a Plan and Other Things God Never Said
      4. The Truth About Gluttony: 7 Deadly Sins Part 4
      5. Respect – Do You Deserve It Or Earn It?
      6. How to Read the Bible for Spiritual Growth
      7. Recognizing Idolatry in 8 Modern Day Idols
      8. Why Your Candidate Cannot Save America
      9. Your Identity in Christ and Your Amazing Value
      10. The Truth About Lust: 7 Deadly Sins Part 5


Thank you for your encouragement and for being a part of this journey in 2016!

The 2016 Readers Survey is Closed

I really appreciate those who took the time to respond to the 2016 readers survey.

I will take your feedback into account as I contemplate topics, posts, and tools to develop this year.

The 2016 reader’s survey has been closed, but you can always contact me to let me know what you like and what you’d like to see!

Once again, thank you for reading my posts!

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